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Welcome to your new documentation space!

Welcome to OpenSRP Wiki

Our community is growing with more people contributing to the project. This wiki primary function is to assist the developers find 'how tos' in their OpenSRP setup and implementation work. For more information about the project, visit,

Open Smart Registry Platform

OpenSRP is a software platform for frontline health workers in low-resource areas focused on RMNCH. It combines a simple, easy to learn tablet app with the health expertise of WHO and pragmatic approach of top field implementers. The software platform was created for a single research site in India, and will soon be expanded to Bangladesh, Indonesia and Pakistan. The platform will offer governments a way to empower their frontline health workers and, at the same time, digitize health records and interoperate with the data systems of health ministries. Initially, OpenSRP hopes to gather funding to implement the platform in the aforementioned countries and convince those governments to be involved and take part.

OpenSRP Aspirations

OpenSRP will be a single ICT-based platform for all (government and NGO) frontline health workers across the world to manage their daily workflow and tasks, provide services more effectively and efficiently, make better decisions, and collect data for healthcare records and reporting, completely replacing all the functions of paper-based legacy systems (and more). OpenSRP will also be compliant with global protocols like OpenHIE and ICD-10, and thereby integrate seamlessly with other national-level enterprise health information architecture, especially widely adopted systems like DHIS2 and OpenMRS.

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