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RapidPro and the Aleena Health Assistant Bot (SMS/Facebook Messenger/Telegram)

OpenSRP has the ability to intelligently connect with patients and frontline health workers who do not have a device running the OpenSRP Android App. This connection utilizes RapidPro, which is an open source platform that allows implementers to create direct to patient messaging interactions through SMS, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram media. The current integration includes the ability to create and update contacts in RapidPro from clients in OpenSRP and kick off messaging campaigns.


OpenSRP can connect to DHIS2 in two ways, directly through OpenSRP server or through OpenMRS. OpenSRP server can integrate with DHIS2’s data sets as well as individual data in DHIS2 Tracker. OpenSRP also utilizes the tools developed by the OpenMRS community. In this way, OpenMRS can connect to DHIS2 for aggregate reporting and synchronization of facility metadata across the OpenSRP platform.